Metal Detectors

CARGOSAFE has the largest selection of walk-thru detectors at the lowest prices anywhere!
Starting at only $1895.

CARGOS.A.F.E. means


Features & Benefits

Model types by unit, features and discount levels for multi-unit purchases:
Model Zones/Band Features Remote Price each 2-4 Units 5-9 Units
CS-1 6 X 1 Low Cost NO $1895.00 $1795.00 $1695.00
CS-2 6 X 1 Weather Resistant NO $2095.00 $1995.00 $1895.00
CS-3 6 X 1 Multi LEDS in Gates NO $2395.00 $2195.00 $1995.00
CS-4 6 X 1(18) Traffic Count and Pace YES $2695.00 $2495.00 $2295.00
CS-5 6 X 1(18) High Sensitivity YES $2995.00 $2795.00 $2595.00


Built for a long service life, easily conveyed, setup and ready to operate in less than 30 minutes

Easy Assembly
The modular design allows for a quick and very simple assembly with only 8 screws.
Overhead Control Unit
LED Display, alarm lights, LED bar graphs and control touchpad plus all wiring, connections and electronics are integrated into the overhead compartment.
Accurate zoning and detection for threat location
Independent distributed searching coverage zones rival the best in class products. Acousto-optic alarms when target is found. Panel indicator light directly displays the alarming area which can exactly indicate the target.
Entry Pacing Lights
Smooth, efficient traffic flow with easy-to-view; eye-level pacing lights on the entrance side of each panel are standard equipment on CS-4 and CS-5 models.
Digitally adjustable sensitivity
CS series digital scanner gate is highly adjustable. In the highest sensitivity level, articles as small as a paper clip can be detected and indicated.
Complex CPU
Managed circuitry with infrared installation and computer automatic identification decreases the mistakes and false indications. Automatically shows the alarm frequency and numbers of passed people in the "count" mode.
Adjustable Flexibility
Users can vary the security requirements by adjusting the zone settings. There are 100 flexibility degree settings in each detection area to suit the needs of the facility deploying it.
Password protection of all settings
You can change the system, flexibility and other settings in the control panel only after typing in the password correctly and only authorized personnel are allowed to change the settings.
Ultra-LIM Technology
Next-generation Low-Intensity Magnetic field technology will not cause harm to heart pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, computer disks, magnetic media, videos, etc.
Multi-Unit functionality
Two or more detection gates can work simultaneously while in very close proximity to each other due to low-intensity magnetic (Ultra-LIM) technology deployed
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